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About Patrick

Patrick Kinney, is the President and Senior Consultant of Kinney Consulting, LLC; founded in 2002, it is located in the suburbs of Chicago. Kinney Consulting takes the time to builds relationships with all its clients and is driven to exceed the clients' expectations.

Kinney Consulting works with clients wanting experienced technical guidance with extensive global wireless standards development and wireless technical management. Kinney Consulting teams with its clients to deliver successful products and strategic solutions based upon unique strategic design in the forefront of widely accepted, global standards.

Professional Experience

Kinney Consulting, LLC has worked with more than 30 international companies. He is a member and holds positions in IEEE, IEC, ISA, Zigbee. A total of more than 36 years of experience in RF/wireless communications engineering ranging from circuit design and software development to systems architecture to Vice President of Communications Technology with an emphasis on global standards development.

Kinney Consulting, LLC: President
Principal technology consultant providing direction, scope and technical guidance to startup through Global 500 companies on wireless network technologies, communication architecture, standards, and market intelligence. Specializing in portable network solutions and wireless technology that utilizes current and future standards.
Invensys Metering Systems: Vice President of Communication Technology
VP of the engineering section responsible for the research, design, development, and integration of communications into Invensys’s global product lines including water, gas, and electric meters, thermostats, HVAC controls, appliance controls, etc.
Interemec Technologies Corporation: Director of Radio Engineering
Director of the engineering section responsible for the research, design, development and integration of RF modems (WLANs, WPANs, etc.) and RF identification (RFID) devices into handheld computers and Access Points. These devices are for domestic and international uses. Radio technologies include narrow band FM and spread spectrum modulation into the UHF, 900 MHz, and 2.4 GHz bands.
Ferranti Technologies, Inc.: Senior Systems Engineer
Provide FTI with the technical capability to participate with a foreign electronics partner for the development and production of a cost-effective ECCM, VHF tactical radio. This compact radio featured spread spectrum (FH), built in test capability (BITE), voice security (encryption), and modularity.
Laser Communications, Inc.: Director of Engineering
Reported to the chief executive officer with total responsibility for the engineering staff and all technical aspects for LCI's product lines. LCI offered short haul point to point communications using a laser atmospheric carrier rather than a radio frequency carrier. LCI was a start up company of 25 employees with majority ownership by a holding company.
Ferranti Corporation: Senior Staff Engineer
Responsible for all technical aspects for the design and development of an airborne electronic system capable of intercepting and jamming spread spectrum communications.
Motorola Engineering Group Leader
Directed the engineering development team for the radio frequency circuitry for various international (U.K., Nordic countries, Japan) mobile telephones within the 800 to 900 MHz bands. These designs utilized stripline, surface mount, synthesized oscillators, and other advanced technologies to produce a superior product in a small but cost effective package.

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